ReGen has partnered with Nfina to provide leading-edge technology solutions.

Nfina is an IT infrastructure platform provider supplying cyber resilience for business continuity. Our solutions and data protection services include; edge, computer servers, HCI appliances, hybrid cloud, storage, IaaS, HaaS, STaaS, and DRaaS. Since 2012, Nfina Technologies has delivered products and solutions to IT departments that demand the latest technology to meet their growing compute and storage requirements and protect that equipment from vulnerabilities. Whether you purchase or lease the equipment, it comes with a market-leading 5-year warranty and US-based tech support.
Datto Demo

This CLE(Continuing Legal Education) event was structured to provide law firms with a clear and dynamic understanding of the current issues and threats to law firms IT environments and how they best protect and prepare for a disaster. This event focused on current ransom threats, secure backup and recovery solutions and the importance of a developing a current tested business continuity plan.


Why You Should Use DaaS for Desktop DR in The Cloud

Here’s a great article on the importance of Disaster Recovery as a Service – save money and resources by outsourcing your DR solution!

Mission-Critical Data Recovery: What You Need to Know and Do

Don’t choose a disaster recovery plan based on a time crunch. Plan ahead, and be prepared! You can protect your data, and your business when you:

data-recovery_jpg– Do a complete data assessment.

– Work with a partner you trust.

– Know how fast you want to recover, and know what the correct media storage is for you.

– Develop a disaster recovery plan – and follow through with a live test!

Governments See Viability of Disaster Recovery as a Service

Adopted by small and large businesses alike, as well as US cities, Disaster Recovery as a Service is quickly becoming a popular option. Read on to learn about 4 important considerations when choosing a Disaster Recovery Service, including:

1. Can the provider deliver the right service-level agreements?

2. Does the provider offer flexible pricing?

3. How does the DR solution fit with the organization’s existing applications?

4. What kind of professional services does the provider offer?


Crafting a Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan


IT downtime could mean the end of business…

but it doesn’t have to! Read this article to find out how you can be prepared for any situation.



The Top Three IT Fears About Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service – and How You Can Rest Easy

Are you worried about losing control? Trusting an outside source? Uncontrollable costs? Read this article to allay your fears, and call ReGen to help you get set up with a solid disaster recovery plan.

It’s Disaster Preparedness Month — Have you tested your plan?

Disaster testing is vital, but it doesn’t have to be dull. Read on to find out a) why it’s so important and b) what you can do to have fun with it, while ensuring both your employees and your equipment are prepared!


Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Enough to Protect Your Network, Data & IT Assets?


You’d want to be prepared if a disaster struck your personal life – read this article to find out whether or not you are fully prepared in case a disaster strikes your business life!! Then call ReGen and let us set you up with a solid recovery plan.

How to Recover Lost Business Data

This article is a vital resource for anyone who needs data protection!


“Everyone has done it  accidentally deleted a file that turns out to be vital. And of course we are all guilty of not properly backing up our data. Precious images and video can easily be deleted, but the good news is that you can recover these files in most cases.”

Standardization: All-inclusive Backup Solution for Disaster Recovery

Interesting article on the importance of consistency in choosing a disaster recovery and backup plan. Don’t get burned by disaster; contact ReGen today!


SMBs Urged to Put Disaster Recovery Plans in Place After Damning Report Findings

Did you know: only 25% of small businesses have disaster recovery plans?! If you’re part of the 75% then call ReGen, and let us make a disaster recovery plan for you!

The Case for Disaster Recovery as a Service

This is a quick read for invaluable information on how disaster recovery has changed and how to keep up with the times. Click here to learn about the following four key considerations regarding DRaaS and cloud based recovery:

  • iStock_000036595590_Medium_jpg_800x600_q96– DRaaS isn’t just for emergency situations
  • – Cloud services might help boost a small IT departments overall security profile
  • – Consider the skillsets required for disaster recovery
  • – Cloud storage isnt a way to get around disaster recovery

Hands-On Emergency Planning is Integral to Business Continuity

Check out this great little article on the 3 different types of emergency planning exercises for business preparedness! Then call ReGen to put it all into place for you.

screening%20wandExercises include:

Tabletop Exercises


Full-scale Exercises

3 Steps to Protect Your Company from the Next Disaster

Read about the Ready Campaign, which highlights these three steps to Business Disaster Preparedness:

1.Plan to stay in business

2.Talk to your people

3.Protect your investment

6 Disaster Recovery Dos and Donts From Hurricane Katrina Survivors

Some excellent advice from Louisiana IT leaders who learned the hard way about safeguarding infrastructure and equipment, including the importance of having:

katrina-100611375-primary_idge1. A written business continuity and disaster recovery plan

2. A secondary site and/or cloud-based infrastructure

3. Partnerships with vendors you trust

4. Regular testing of infrastructure and disaster recovery plan

5. (not having) single points of failure

6. Site equipment in safe locations

Small Business Toolkit

*Don’t let a power outage, hacker disruption, or major disaster put you out of business.* Check out these great resources.


Happy Disaster Preparedness Month!

10 Years After Hurricane Katrina: IT Lessons Learned

“IT pros say being less dependent on physical locations is just one of the keys to ensuring your company doesnt go out of business when disaster strikes.”

Read this article and then call ReGen to find out how else you can maintain business continuity.


Try to Prepare for the Worst: Essential tips to plan for and recover from disasters

Great article with a simple, comprehensive list for creating a disaster recovery plan!

4 Disaster Risks for Small Businesses

Did you know that 25-40% of small businesses never re-open after a disaster? Read about the 4 biggest risks for small businesses, then call ReGen to find out how we can protect you from disaster!


2.Power Loss

3.Loss of Sales and Customers

4.Length of Recovery

Business Continuity: Checklist to Prepare for a Big Storm

A great list to have handy!


Why Businesses Need a Disaster Preparedness Program

A great article with 5 easy steps to ensuring your business is protected, along with numerous excellent resources for small businesses, and anyone in need of a disaster recovery plan!!

5 Steps to Creating a Disaster Preparedness Program

1.Program Management

2. Planning

3. Implementation

4. Testing and Exercises

5. Program Improvement

4 Business Continuity Plan Tips for Small Business Owners

1. Identify potential disasters and their solutions.

2. Identify recovery strategies.

3. Identify contingency teams.

4. Identify and practice procedures.

How To Pick a Cloud Service:

1. Will they help your business?

2. Do they have the skills and expertise?

3. Do they have proactive or reactive support?

4. Have you done your homework?

No time to research the best solution? Call ReGen and let us do it for you. With our decades of experience in backup solutions, as well as access to cutting-edge technologies, we are sure to find something that works just right for your business.

Six Ways Disaster Recovery Can Cost Your Business


ext10% the survival rate for companies without a disaster plan

65% of small to medium sized businesses don’t have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place

80% of companies who suffer a disaster can expect to go out of business within 18 months

The Case for Disaster Recovery Services Beyond Business Continuity

Article by Andrea Knoblauch

4 key considerations:

1. Disaster recovery isn’t just for emergencies

2. The addition of cloud services can help with security

3. Upkeep is a full-time job! (rely on ReGen to do it for you)

4. Combine cloud services with your existing disaster recovery plan

Disaster Recovery Planning – It’s Not Just How but When

Article by Oscar Arean

A great little article on the importance of having a plan (or multiple plans) in place, and knowing which plan to use – and when!

Some Excellent Facts on Disaster Recovery!



What is a Recovery Cloud?

Article by Casey Morgan

A great article describing cloud backup/recovery and the variety of options!

Ask the Expert: Disaster recovery and backup

Article by Henry Barker

Business continuity is not a technical issue – it is a BUSINESS issue. And different businesses require different solutions. Read this article to learn more about disaster recovery and backup. Then call ReGen to get a customized solution for your business.


Disaster Recovery Begins With Preparedness: How IT Operations Play a Critical Role

Article by Jennifer Gill

Communication, planning, testing. The three critical basics for disaster recovery preparedness!

IBM Hands the Reins over to Genero


“IBM considers Genero to be the best path forward for customers wishing to modernize Informix 4GL applications.” Good thing ReGen uses Genero for business application development! Call us today to modernize your existing applications.


Disaster Recovery Done Right

Article by Spandas Lui

Disaster recovery means different things to different companies. Contact ReGen today and let us take care of customizing a disaster recovery plan just for you. Tips in this article include:

disaster recovery1. Building Resilience into Your IT Structure

2. Virtualizing Everything

3. Simplifying Your IT

4. Drill, drill, drill

What the NYSE, United Airlines and WSJ Glitches Show Us About Mitigating the Cost of Downtime

Did you know that almost 90% of downtime is caused by mundane technical issues rather than coordinated cyberattacks or natural disasters?! Call ReGen today to learn about what we can do to protect you in case of any disaster – natural or manmade!



7 Essential Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Backups

Did you know that the average cost of an hour of downtime is a staggering $163,674?!

Read more about it in this great article from Datto about hybrid cloud backup!!


Legacy Apps Hindering Small Business Migration To Cloud, Windows 10

Article by Michael Novinson

Want your business data safe AND up-to-date? Read this article and learn why it’s important to update your business applications, bringing them into the modern world and the safety of the cloud.

6 Items for Your Disaster Recovery Checklist

Article by Jay Atkinson

Are your business continuity procedures updated… tested… safe? It’s vital to have a plan in place in case of disaster – whether natural, or manmade (i.e. employee error). What 6 things should you do NOW in order to protect yourself and your business? Read this article to find out, and then contact ReGen to set you up with a plan.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa1. Identify the Risk

2. Inventory IT Assets

3. Define Goals

4. Develop a Plan

5. Implement the Plan

6. Test the Plan

How a Cloud Can Cover Needs Of Healthcare Industry?

Article by Rob Mackel

Cumulus, nimbus… different clouds do different things! Call ReGen to find out what sort of cloud-based data protection is best for you.

1. Find the right cloud to meet your specific needs.

2. Make sure the cloud provider enables digital as well as physical safeguards.

3. Be sure to use a cloud that covers multiple issues (data breaches, disaster recovery, etc.)

4. Contact ReGen today and let us take care of it for you.

Buying Business Continuity

Article by Jim Kent

How can a data disaster effect you? Here are just a few ways:

buying-buisness-continuity-cio_v2-100607370-primary_idge1. Revenue Impact

2. Direct Cost Impact

3. Customer Impact

4. Partner Impact

5. Reputational Impact

6. Organizational Impact

To learn more about business continuity and why it’s important to your business, call ReGen today!

Disaster recovery and backup – and all that is between them

Article by Joseph Blass

Do you know the difference between backup and disaster recovery? What kind of plan will meet your business needs? Read this article to learn more, and then call ReGen to set up a system for your business.


Are Midsized Businesses Prepared for a Disaster?

Article by Caterina Pontoriero

Most midsized businesses are not prepared for a disaster. While many have business continuity plans, few have tested them. This is a vital step in making sure your business is safe. Let ReGen handle it for you, and know you’re in good hands.

DIY Downtime Calculator: Costs Are Higher Than You Think

The cost associated with downtime can be catastrophic. How much will it cost you if your system goes down for a minute? An hour? A day? Read on to find out, and then contact ReGen to secure your business from disaster.

BackupQuick calculations for downtime cost:




Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Data Centers: Filling the Plan and Test Gaps

Article by Peter B. Ritz


Top 3 takeaways from this article:

1. Have a specific plan for data recovery.

2. Keep the plan actively updated.

3. Test your plan.

Different scenarios require customized responses. Let ReGen take care of your planning, and customize a disaster recovery plan for your business.

10 ways to help safeguard your business

Article by Christopher Duggan

If you’re like most businesses, you can’t afford to have tech downtime whether it’s due to disaster or user error. Check out this article for a list of 10 ways to safeguard your business from downtime. Then call ReGen and let us do it for you!

Genero Version 3.0 Preview


Four Js Development Tools is preparing the next major release of Genero with version 3.0 being scheduled for General Availability Thursday December 17, 2015. Read more, and check out the overview on their site. Contact ReGen to learn about how we use Four Js to streamline business application development, making it modern and easy to use!

Understanding the 5 layers of data protection: what SMBs need to know

Article by Peter Hannah

Learn about the 5 layers of data protection, so that you can ensure your data is fully protected from any loss or corruption. Call ReGen to find out how we can keep your data safe. Data should be…

Understanding-the-Five-Layers-of-Data-Protection--what-SMBs-need-to-know-to-be-protected-900x5061. Written across multiple drives.

2. Protected against bit rot.

3. Continually protected throughout the day.

4. Secured against viruses.

5. Stored at offsite location.

Protecting data: Backup basics

Article by Farid Ouazzani

What do you need to backup for your business to thrive in case of data loss? Read this article, and contact ReGen to learn how your business can obtain the best possible protection.

data-brain-e1338974487390_contentfullwidth– Granular File and Folder Backup

– Image-Based Backup

– Application Level Backup

– Traditional Backup Solutions

– Modern Cloud Backup

– Where to Backup

Endpoint Backup: 5 Ways to Stave Off a Data Catastrophe

Article by ITBusinessEdge

Any number of things can go wrong, causing major data loss… unless you are protected! Call ReGen today to find out how your business and your data can be safe from these 5 common data-loss issues:

Code42EndpointBackup011. Ransomwear

2. Natural Disaster

3. Hardware Failure

4. Accidental Deletion

5. Theft

The Dawn of Ransomwear

Article by Symantec Security Response

What is ransomwear, how is it evolving to take over all of your devices, and what can you do to protect yourself? Read this article with helpful tips, and then contact ReGen to get security and backup services in place for your business.

ransomwear-Always back up files and data that are important. Do it regularly and make multiple copies in online and offline media to be sure.

-Unfortunately, in many cases of crypto ransomware infections, a backup is the only practical recovery solution if the computer should become infected.


Private information about research participants goes missing at McLean Hospital

Article by Chris Brunau

When your system fails, you lose data and risk security breeches. We have a solution! With cloud-based backup systems, your data can be safe and recovered in a matter of seconds to minutes. Call ReGen to learn more about what we can do to help protect your data.

Cash. Benjamins. Bucks. Cheddar: How Much Does Downtime Cost You?

Article by Chad Pavel

“Downtime = Dollars in more ways than you may think!”

Check out this article for 14 Impacts of System Downtime, and the cost $$$ of it. What kind of backup do you have for your data and your business? System downtime leads directly to time and money lost. Call ReGen to find out how you can avoid system downtime, saving your data and $$$!


3 Worst-Case Scenarios When it Comes to Business Server Outages

Article by Kyle Cebull


What systems do you have in place to prevent data loss? Read on for 3 reasons why it’s VITAL to use backup for your business. Learn more about what you can do to protect your business by contacting ReGen.

1. Server hard drive crash: you can never be 100% sure that what’s been working won’t fail. That’s why it’s so important to have something to fall back on.

2. Virus crash: a virus can get onto one persons laptop, and take out the entire system! Security is vital, and so is backup. Luckily, you can depend on ReGen for both of these!

3. The “blue screen” crash: from corrupted data to hackers, keep your business safe by calling ReGen and letting us take care of your security and backup needs.