How important is your data?
Could your business survive if it was lost forever?
Fortunately for you, ReGen’s experienced staff can provide a solution.

In case of loss of data due to Accidental deletions, Server Failure, natural and man made disasters. ReGen can provide various solutions based on desired protection and budget.

We offer various backup and disaster Recovery options from the following:

logo-blueDattois an award-winning provider of Intelligent Business Continuity, disaster recovery, and data backup solutions for businesses of all sizes. Leveraging proprietary technologies, image-based backup, and a hybrid cloud based model, Datto enables solution providers and their customers to not just backup data, but recover entire systems in a matter of minutes. Learn more about Datto here!

barracudaBarracuda Backup Service is an affordable data backup solution, providing a full local data backup that is combined with a storage subscription to replicate data offsite. This approach provides the best of both worlds – onsite backups for fast restore times and secure, offsite storage for disaster recovery.

ibackupiBackup enables small and medium sized businesses to get enterprise-class online backup with superior performance for their critical data at a fraction of cost. Global corporations, Business houses and people trust IBackup for their storage and backup needs.

Eaton Customers around the world depend on UPS, services and power quality solutions from Eaton to keep their applications up and running without interruption.