Application Development

Development of a software solution can encompass a wide variety of options. These range anywhere from implementing an existing software product, to developing a custom application to solve a unique business environment’s needs and everything in between. With our breadth of knowledge about today’s technology, we will search and review existing software applications to meet the project’s requirements. From there, a decision can be made as to the scope of the development required. This decision will also include the architecture of the application relating to hardware requirements, programming languages, and database engines.

22222Four Js Software provides simple, streamlined tools, like Genero Studio, for developing business applications. Genero is a unique, rapid application development framework tailor-made for mission-critical business solutions. You’ll develop apps faster and smarter making your enterprise more nimble in the marketplace. Faster, because you’ll model two thirds of your app without writing a single line of code. Smarter, because that code runs everywhere – without recompilation – on servers, desktops, webtops, smartphones, tablets or in the Cloud.

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Smart Maintenance is easy, effective, and affordable maintenance software (CMMS) used for preventive maintenance, work order management, inventory, predictive maintenance, asset tracking, labor, maintenance requests, tool crib and more. Our CMMS software works great in facilities of all sizes, from a one-person maintenance shop to an entire department of maintenance professionals or even across the country with multiple facilities.
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Informix Software, IBM offers a portfolio of data servers that provide the right capabilities across a broad spectrum of requirements – offering greater flexibility to deliver an optimal solution vs. more narrow, one size fit all, portfolios from other vendors. IBM Informix data servers provide exceptional value and flexibility.
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Fourth Generation has been developing software products and providing custom solutions using Informix products for UNIX environments since 1987. Fourth Generation is the only product in its class that is created with total flexibility in mind. Fourth Generation was developed using Computer Assisted Software Engineering (CASE) tools. CASE tools reduce the cost of development, and maintenance while enforcing programming standards and providing a very robust, consistent user interface.
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