About Us

Celebrating 40 years, since 1983, ReGenerating Solutions, a privately held technology consulting firm, has built and maintained a reputation for delivering to customers the highest quality, cost-effective solutions which meet or exceed project business objectives. We believe in forming long-term relationships with our clients so that we can learn their business and understand their corporate culture, goals, and objectives. This has helped us successfully expand our service offering to provide more client-focused, technology solutions for many years.

Business is under pressure to economize and streamline, while at the same time bring innovation to the market. Knowing how to improve your business processes and knowing which technologies are the best for your company is critical. Technology investments cannot succeed if they are not aligned with business goals. And to realize their full potential, technology investments require professional management and execution.

We provide our clients with an advantage over their competitors by allowing them to focus their resources on their business growth while ReGen tends to their technology needs.

Our background is in complex database and business system integration with voice & data technologies, accounting, office automation and business intelligence. We offer consulting services, project management, a complete line of web services, including web and database development, hardware, networks and system maintenance services.

Our goal is to be the best single-source provider for IT solutions.